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Holiday Destination
otzias beach.jpg


Otzias is the most famous and popular beach in Kea. It's a sandy beach, spacious and organized (sunbeds, umbrellas, a kiosk and some taverns close by beach). Its located just 70 meters away from the Sunset Villa Kea.


Gyaliskari is a small and organized (sunbeds, umbrellas , a beach bar serving food and drinks) beach. Given its popularity and small size, be sure to book a spot, preferably the day before your intended visit to the beach.



Spathi is a distant beach and in order to access it you should take a not well constructed road. If you attempt a visit, the sandy beach will reward you with its clear and blue waters. It's organized with sunbeds and umbrellas, and you can also find a tavern near the beach.

Porto Koundouros BEACH_edited.jpg


Koundouros is a double beach located at south area of Kea island. The small beach ("Koundouraki") is not organized and it's ideal for water sports. The bigger one ("Koundouros") is the first you come across and is fully organized with sunbeds, umbrellas, food and drinks on the beach served by the bar and restaurant of the nearly hotel, where you can also enjoy a meal or dinner.



The beach is located in the northwestern part of Kea. The road is not easy, but doable, and it would be good to have the right car.

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